Practice Notes: Commercial


The High Court decision in Randhawa fleshes out the nature of the recently introduced bankruptcy restriction order. Tim Akkou

27 Oct 2006

Regional focus : Greater London

High street civil practices in Greater London are being forced to reinvent themselves or face an uncertain future. Jean-Yves Gil

20 Oct 2006

Update: tax

E-filing - Work and Families Act 2006 - HMRC initiatives - HMRC interest rates - Bonus rates for saving schemes - Advisory fuel rates - HMRC computer glitc

06 Oct 2006

Phoney tales?

Mark Conway and Julia Purcell ask whether the recent 'pony tail' case of DPP v Smith helps with the definition of ‘actual bodil

29 Sep 2006

IHT conundrum

Inheritance tax is less and less an isolated matter and should be considered as one element of a bigger tax planning picture, says Pete

22 Sep 2006

Second chance tribunal

Litigation in the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal after Sinclair Gardens may become more uncertain, but Laura Collignon welcomes the pragmati

15 Sep 2006

Swapping details

Jimmy Desai reports on Green Thumb Ltd and data transfer clauses i

15 Sep 2006

Foreign adoptions

The Children and Adoption Act 2006 will make profound changes to the rules governing adoption with a foreign element, says Simo

15 Sep 2006

Keeping control

Costs capping is likely to be extended beyond group litigation, but, Simon Brown asks, will it really help keep costs unde

15 Sep 2006

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