Practice Notes: Commercial

Hong Kong’s approach to cross-border insolvency

Anthony Chow examines Hong Kong’s laws over recognising and assisting foreign insolvency

30 Mar 2023

The rights of women: an international sanctions response

Suzanne Gallagher takes a closer look at the new sanctions targeting those responsible for the

24 Mar 2023

The four-day working week: gamechanger or just a game?

Edward Arnold considers whether the four-day working week could be a success in the legal industry

22 Mar 2023

Achieving true gender equity and parity in the legal profession

Kaajal Nathwani details the current state of play in the sector

22 Mar 2023

Reforms to digital asset laws needed to tackle legal minefield

Matthew Huggett assesses the Law Commission’s recommended reforms

22 Mar 2023

The jury’s out: have UK law firms kept pace with the evolution of 21st century workplaces?

Neil McLeod discusses the opportunity for legal sectors to create the workplace of the future

22 Mar 2023

Global forced labour compliance

Adrienne Braumiller and Harold Jackson review the international position on forced labour law and

24 Feb 2023

Portugal: liberalization of the eco-system  

Nuno Nogueira Pinto explores initiatives to simplify setting up a company or business activity in

21 Feb 2023

Right to a refund: train travel law

Samantha Greer considers railway companies and consumer rights

20 Feb 2023

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