Practice Notes: Cohabitation

cohabitation myths

Mariko Wilson discusses some commonly held false beliefs regarding the legal rights of cohabiting couples, and the advice practitioners should give clients

02 Aug 2016

Recent challenges to wills

The last 12 months have seen several high-profile cases in the contentious trust and probate world, write Andrew O'Keeffe and Carolin

24 May 2016

Reducing acrimony in later-life break ups

Pippa Allsop wonders whether the increase in 'silver splitters' and cohabiting couples is due to relaxation of socia

04 May 2016

The ‘why bother?’ attitude to cohabitation laws

The common law marriage myth stubbornly lives on, writes Marilyn Stowe, and it doesn't show any sign o

08 Mar 2016

One in ten Brits regret not signing a pre-nuptial agreement

Liverpool law firm claims a three-fold increase in demand for pre-marita

09 Feb 2016

A legal framework for cohabiters is increasingly critical

Cohabiting couple families still find themselves in a confusing legal landscape filled with potholes, says Pau

21 Jul 2015

Number of cohabiting couples has doubled in last two decades

Resolution continues campaign for moder

09 Jul 2015

Prenup round-up: The latest developments

David Marusza dissects recent case law where prenuptial agreements have been put to th

30 Jun 2015

Ignore the 'moralists'

The next government needs to recognise cohabitation as a societal norm, says Marily

08 Apr 2015

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