Practice Notes: Clinical negligence

Explaining chronic pain following soft tissue injury

Legal practitioners should be aware of the relationships between trauma, pain, and the mind in injuries such as whiplash or low back strain, writes Chri

16 Feb 2016

Clinical negligence update

Dr Jock Mackenzie rounds up recent case law, including two decisions on whether ?a breach of duty took place in deliveries over 20 year

04 Feb 2016

Results of coronial reform have been underwhelming

Changes such as appointing a chief coroner and setting a six-month completion deadline have yet to benefit grieving relatives, explains To

03 Feb 2016

The common enemy between medics and lawyers

The two professions hardly make natural allies so why is medical negligence solicitor Peter Stefanovic breaking the mould, asks John van de

28 Jan 2016

End of the road for Saatchi’s innovation Bill?

The Bill may have been drafted with the best of intentions, but it would not have created the best law, says John van de

25 Jan 2016

Innovation in medicines

Although there is a great need to allow patients earlier access to new medicines, initiatives such as the Innovation Bill are not the way to go, write Prof

22 Dec 2015

A new relationship 
for medics and lawyers

Can we work with the medical profession to support injured patients and prevent ?poor practice, asks E

15 Dec 2015

The ever-increasing cost of prosthetic limbs

RA Shepherd and Gordon Wilson discuss the costs and benefits of technological advances in the prosthetic

15 Dec 2015

Clinical negligence 

Dr Jock Mackenzie provides an overview of recent case law, ?including a decision on the liability of A&E receptionists and ?claims regarding negligent

08 Dec 2015

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