Practice Notes: Clinical negligence

Unsettling matters

Split trials, liability and undersettlement: Nicholas A Peacock explains how two recent decisions

18 Aug 2006

Personal injury trusts

Personal injury trusts are the perfect solution for managing injury compensation awards for

11 Aug 2006

Personal injury update

Duty of care :: Occupiers liability :: Reinstatement of claims :: Employers’ liability ::

04 Aug 2006

Phone masts

They are essential for mobile technology, but raise health concerns. Jan Willem van den Bos reports

02 Jun 2006

Close examination

Home inspectors are crucial to the new HIPs process, but will there be enough of them, asks Andre

02 Jun 2006

HiP pain

Lawyers still aren’t getting to grip with HiPs. Andrew Towle

02 Jun 2006

Diggers at dawn

Construction is a great industry for creating disputes, says Davi

02 Jun 2006

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