Practice Notes: Children

Rights of third-country nationals

Paul Stanley QC discusses the extent to which parents who are not EU citizens can derive EU rights of residence from their dependen

06 Oct 2016

Advocate told off for late service on litigant in person

Late service of documents further weakens the position of LiPs, says Jackso

05 Oct 2016

Family courts face ‘crisis’ amid rise in care cases

‘A radical rebalancing of the very functions and purpose of the family courts is needed,’ say

21 Sep 2016

Legal aid eligibility rules under the spotlight in Archers’ custody battle

A real-life Helen would be left to face her abuser without solicitor representation, says La

14 Sep 2016

The new children 
arbitration scheme

James Pirrie analyses the advantages of the scheme as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to cour

07 Sep 2016

The nuances of 'nothing else will do'

A recent adoption case shows the dangers of taking a rigid and inflexible approach to applying legal principles, writes Marilyn Stow

05 Sep 2016

Lawyers back proposals for family justice 'observatory'

New research institute would represent 'a massive culture shift in family law,' says child la

02 Sep 2016

The thin end of the wedge

Those who work at the coal face of family law should be properly consulted about potential changes to the system, writes Luc

23 Aug 2016

Munby backs ‘innovative’ settlement processes for care cases

Family lawyers are broadly supportive of the principle but remai

19 Aug 2016

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