Practice Notes: Children

Law Centres Network: Asylum process pays lip service to children’s best interests

The government's commitment to children's welfare is not reflected in practice according t

10 Nov 2015

The Education and Adoption Bill 2015

The government is proposing further changes to adoption law and practice in the Education and Adoption Bill 2015, clause 13, writes Ale

13 Oct 2015

Following the letter of the law

Local authorities are complying with legislation on the inclusion of children with special educational needs in mainstream schools, but only in form, write

18 Sep 2015

Exposure to the elements

A sudden realisation that you are not immune to the trauma experienced by your clients can be debilitating. Lee Moore and Felicity Gerry QC discuss the eff

15 Sep 2015

iRights is too powerful a tool for fickle youth

Pippa Allsop disagrees with the initiative aimed at protecting children, saying lessons of responsibility are best learnt the har

19 Aug 2015

Grandparents take to the courts in droves to assume parental control

Last four years has seen an almost 50 per cent increase in the use of Special Guardianshi

17 Aug 2015

Grandparents cannot always assume parental responsibility

The family courts will consider age and state of health when considering whether grandparents can meet the need of a child, discusses Marily

10 Aug 2015

High Court quashes council’s discriminatory Catholic school transport policy

Swansea City Council defended its policy by saying those children affected were 'statisticall

22 May 2015

Supreme Court memoir judgment a ‘victory for freedom of speech’

Judges permit publication of pianist James Rhodes'

20 May 2015

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