Practice Notes: Charities

Why solicitors play a key role in charitable giving

Rob Cope explains how simply raising the option of legacy giving with clients can increase the

23 Dec 2016

Charities and Brexit

Simon Steeden considers how charities could be affected by the legal and financial uncertainty

22 Dec 2016

A changing landscape

Robert Nieri and Georgina Farmer discuss the steps charities must take to ensure compliance with

22 Dec 2016

The impact of Brexit on the charity sector

Charities need to be aware of the changes that might be ahead, such as loss of funding streams and

12 Sep 2016

Fundraising is still big news for the charity sector

Sarah Clune considers various legal developments that will affect charities in the coming months,

28 Jun 2016

Providing a global lifeline

For over 21 years, Sense International has worked closely with families and professionals to

24 May 2016

Charity finances: Securing the future

If the charity sector is to be rebuilt, it needs a sound financial foundation, with an appropriate

24 May 2016

Charities and political campaigning

Charities should not be deterred from joining the EU referendum debate, provided they take into

24 May 2016

Recent challenges to wills

The last 12 months have seen several high-profile cases in the contentious trust and probate world,

24 May 2016

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