Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Charities

Fundraising is still big news for the charity sector

Sarah Clune considers various legal developments that will affect charities in the coming months, including the introduction of the Charities Act and the

28 Jun 2016

Providing a global lifeline

For over 21 years, Sense International has worked closely with families and professionals to support children and adults who are deafblind to develop vital

24 May 2016

Charity finances: Securing the future

If the charity sector is to be rebuilt, it needs a sound financial foundation, with an appropriate reserves policy and effective management and control, wr

24 May 2016

Charities and political campaigning

Charities should not be deterred from joining the EU referendum debate, provided they take into account the relevant charity and election law, writes Simo

24 May 2016

Recent challenges to wills

The last 12 months have seen several high-profile cases in the contentious trust and probate world, write Andrew O'Keeffe and Carolin

24 May 2016

Charities Act 2016: Protecting the integrity of the sector

Robert Nieri discusses new legislation intended to clarify the law on social investment and enforce better fundraising practice to restore public trust i

24 May 2016

Charities and Appeals Supplement Spring/Summer 2016

SJ's dedicated charities supplement is now available to vie

24 May 2016

A new ball game

The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 has emboldened the Charity Commission, but to what effect

11 May 2016

A question of freedom

Inheritance judgments in favor of family members over charities poses a very real question: can you still leave an estate to

11 May 2016

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