Practice Notes: Charities

Bill on wills

Owen Clutton reports on welcome changes to the Finance Bill concerning taxation of trusts an

30 Jun 2006

Wills and probate update

Catherine McAleavey reviews the latest cases on probate by LLPs, lost wills, testamentory capacity,

30 Jun 2006

Charity ends at home

Has X v A changed the principles established by Clore 40 years ago? Nicholas Le Poidevi

30 Jun 2006

Be prepared

Law firms need to get into training to tackle the changes facing the profession. Andrew Towle

23 Jun 2006

Ice range

Worldwide freezing orders: Linsey Macdonald reports on the ne

23 Jun 2006

Cash for children

As the proportion of children born of unmarried parents rises, Tony Roe explores how their

23 Jun 2006

Civil litigation brief

Gordon Exall looks at the House of Lords decision in Horton v Sadler and considers its practica

23 Jun 2006

Living together

Cohabitation: Joanne Edwards sets out the arguments for and against reform, following the Law

23 Jun 2006

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