Practice Notes: Charities

Penalties on car rental agreements

Mark Pawlowski considers a recent ruling on the distinction between penalties and liquidated damages in the context of a car hir

13 Jul 2007

Ready for H-day?

Home Information Packs have divided the property sector but seem to be here to stay. So, are solicitors ready, asks Jean-Yve

02 Mar 2007

Cinderella trusts

A&M trusts will disappear in April 2008. This may seem a long way away, but lawyers need to start reviewing their clients’ investment options now, says Ste

16 Feb 2007

Showing interest

A little known form for social enterprise: Rosie Parr discusses the community interest company (CIC

16 Feb 2007

Update: trusts

Finance Act 2006 changesInter vivos trusts Trusts IPDIsBereaved minors18-25 trustsTransitional provisionsLife policiesCGT and modernisationSettlor interes

17 Nov 2006

IHT conundrum

Inheritance tax is less and less an isolated matter and should be considered as one element of a bigger tax planning picture, says Pete

22 Sep 2006

Landlord & tenant update (2)

Disrepair :: Forfeiture :: Break clause :: Landlord & Tenant Act (Covenants) Act 1995 :: Business tenancies by Norman Joss and Nic

21 Jul 2006

Product liability after the ECJ's 'faulty vaccine' ruling

Hugh Preston discusses the effect of the ECJ ‘faulty vaccine’ ruling on the protection of claimants from the ten-year long-stop for claims under the Consum

07 Jul 2006

Bill on wills

Owen Clutton reports on welcome changes to the Finance Bill concerning taxation of trusts an

30 Jun 2006

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