Practice Notes: Charities

Charities and data protection - the basics

Charities must ensure they handle supporters' personal data correctly, or risk financial penalties

26 May 2017

A significant change in fundraising?

While it is hoped that the new Fundraising Regulator will make a difference for charities and

26 May 2017

Helping clients and charities at HMRC's expenses

Solicitors should encourage clients to take advantage of the underused, invaluable tax relief

17 May 2017

Private prosecutions and the shape of things to come

Criticism of charities' right to prosecute alleged offenders is short-sighted and ignores the

10 May 2017

They fix things up, your mum and dad

Should the benefit to taxpayers be taken into account when examining claims under the Inheritance

22 Mar 2017

Ilott: Testamentary freedom restored?

The Supreme Court ruling in Ilott isn't as clear cut as it might appear, although it does provide

16 Mar 2017

Ilott: Supreme Court rules in favour of animal charities

Current law on maintenance provision is ‘unsatisfactory' says Lad

15 Mar 2017

Working together to assist charities and benefactors

New guidance published for charity legacy professionals will help to ensure benefactors'

24 Feb 2017

Déjà vu for the charity sector

Charities are once again revisiting the issues of fundraising regulation, payment of trustees and

10 Jan 2017

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