Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

ADR: Alternative or preferred form of dispute resolution?

Firms need a cost-effective way of helping clients avoid high court fees, explains Georgin

30 Jun 2015

Pulling at the lead

Consent remains at the heart of arbitration law, but the concept has had to become more elastic as the dispute resolution procedure has evolved into new ar

02 Jun 2015

How can China become a more attractive venue for international arbitrations?

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators discusses the success factors of foreign arbitration models and how these can be applied to dispute resolution proce

21 May 2015

Bargaining power

The time is right for increased use of ADR in professional negligence cases, argue Robert Crossingham and Stewar

28 Apr 2015

Government backs family law initiatives with cash

Resolution granted funding extension to support families impacted by loss of lega

11 Mar 2015

On the path to family justice

Austin Chessell considers the findings of a report on non-court routes to family disput

03 Feb 2015

MoJ mediation report tells us ‘little that’s new’

National Family Mediation says the source of referrals to family mediation have 'flipped' since the legal ai

02 Feb 2015

ADR and costs sanctions

Eighteen months after the Jackson reforms came into effect, Tim Wallis considers their impact on recen

09 Dec 2014

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