Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

Calls for ADR renewed as ‘Divorce Month’ begins

Family charity calls for greater take-up of out-of-court options for separatin

03 Jan 2017

Are settlement conferences appropriate?

Dominic Raeside reflects on the benefits – or otherwise – of settlement conferences in children cases and whether FDAC is a meaningfu

07 Dec 2016

Clinical negligence lawyers back greater use of mediation

NHSLA sets November deadline for mediation procurement as it looks to end ‘compensatio

24 Oct 2016

Mediation: The long, long wait

Dealing with emotion is important, but the dispute resolution process is not the place, writes Jean-Yve

14 Oct 2016

Compulsory mediation can work for low-value disputes, say lawyers

Forcing mediation on a reluctant party may not result in settlement but the process could see clients save ‘hundreds of thousands o

14 Oct 2016

Family mediation: The depressingly low take-up

Receipt of information about mediation should be compulsory for all in the family courts, with no exemptions, says Haze

13 Oct 2016

Correcting the imbalance 
in family mediation

Elizabeth Fletcher considers whether family mediation works for separating couples who cannot afford independent legal representation and what other option

12 Oct 2016

Briggs LJ: Mid-value mediation gap ‘needs to be filled’

New online court to have an ‘absolutely central role’ in empowering parties to resolve civi

11 Oct 2016

Failing light

The seasons may change, but statistics showing a decline in legal aid claims, the failure of mediation assessments, and rising numbers of unrepresented lit

30 Sep 2016

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