Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

Reach across the fence

Neighbour disputes are clogging up the courts according to a senior judge and failing to engage in

16 Sep 2008

Time to introduce an employers liability pack

An employers liability pack would not only help raise health and safety standards, it would also

29 Jul 2008

European briefing

The new mediation directive is a further example of how the EU’s sphere of competence has

03 Jun 2008

Different mediation schemes – what does and does not work

Mediation can help bring about a negotiated settlement, but successful resolution often depends on

07 Dec 2007

Gambling in pubs

Though the Gambling Act 2005 is seen as a ‘liberal’ regime, its Code of Practice imposes a

26 Oct 2007

A revolution

Psychotherapeutic mediation is the most efficient dispute resolution process invented so far, says

06 Oct 2006

Managing mediators

Paul Newman asks: if mediation is such a worthwhile ADR mechanism, why do we need an awarenes

06 Oct 2006

Update: planning

Gregory Jones discusses outline planning permission and EIA, enforcement actions, town and village

29 Sep 2006

Cheap talk?

Claimants should take the duty to negotiate under the 41st update to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998

22 Sep 2006

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