Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

Arbitration: the new Court of Appeal for dispute boards

Cyril Chern discusses the newest established form of adjudication that is key to resolving global constructio

30 Jun 2014

How to win friends and influence people

In negotiation, differences can actually mean solutions, says Carly

24 Jun 2014

Do more than just belong: ensure you participate

Ignoring a request for arbitration on the basis of a jurisdictional issue may prove expensive, says Thierry D

10 Jun 2014

ADR won’t stay second choice for long

Private dispute resolution will pave the way for party controlled and economical mediation between parties in finance disputes, believes Michae

10 Jun 2014

Property mediation in the post-Jackson and Mitchell world

Changing attitudes and a shift in the litigation landscape have created a fertile environment for alternative dispute resolution in property disputes, says

30 May 2014

The benefits of arbitration in international transaction disputes

The promise of finality in a private environment are just some of the benefits of using arbitration, says John Tackaberry Q

30 Apr 2014

Practitioners overlook arbitration when resolving patent infringement

Recognised arbitral bodies are responsible for promoting the multitude of advantages arbitration employs as a preferred choice for patent disputes, says Cl

31 Mar 2014

The changing face of property dispute resolution

Charles Brown looks at recent initiatives to provide ADR procedures that are "fit fo

07 Jan 2014

Family mediation needs more support from government

With lingering tension between lawyers and mediators, alternative dispute resolution must be given greater practical encouragement by judges and government

16 Dec 2013

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