Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

The Paper Determinations Pilot

Tony Guise considers the latest civil justice reform

28 Nov 2022

Compulsory mediation for small claims: upper or downer?

Tony Guise considers the merits of mandatory mediation

20 Oct 2022

Contractual limitations on the right to litigate

Ricky Cella examines a case which considers the enforcement of contractual restrictions on a right

06 Oct 2022

Law Commission unveils proposals to update Arbitration Act

The Commission has launched a consultation on proposed changes

23 Sep 2022

The times they are a'changing: civil procedure reform

Tony Guise considers the effects of the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2021 on litigation

26 Jun 2022

Raising the bar for fundamental dishonesty: Jenkinson v Robertson [2022] EWHC 756

Rebecca Huyton and Katie Nichols evaluate the effect of a new precedent on road traffic litigation

07 Jun 2022

Seven speeches: a round-up of civil justice reforms

Tony Guise considers seven key speeches in litigation and ADR

01 Apr 2022

The CJC: people's access to justice?

Tony Guise reports on the recent CJC day conference

28 Feb 2022

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