Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

The civil justice reform train: on track near you

Tony Guise attends the latest civil justice reform event

01 Mar 2023

Softly, softly: negotiation in litigation

Bernhard Schmeilzl considers tactics for negotiation in litigation

27 Feb 2023

Small claim mediation: not a tick-box exercise

Simon Garrod examines the benefits of mediation in small claims

19 Jan 2023

Revelations from the Civil Justice Council National Forum

Tony Guise shares the latest insights in civil justice from the CJC National Forum

17 Dec 2022

The Paper Determinations Pilot

Tony Guise considers the latest civil justice reform

28 Nov 2022

Compulsory mediation for small claims: upper or downer?

Tony Guise considers the merits of mandatory mediation

20 Oct 2022

Contractual limitations on the right to litigate

Ricky Cella examines a case which considers the enforcement of contractual restrictions on a right

06 Oct 2022

Law Commission unveils proposals to update Arbitration Act

The Commission has launched a consultation on proposed changes

23 Sep 2022

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