Practice Notes: ADR & Mediation

Raising the bar for fundamental dishonesty: Jenkinson v Robertson [2022] EWHC 756

Rebecca Huyton and Katie Nichols evaluate the effect of a new precedent on road traffic litigation

07 Jun 2022

Seven speeches: a round-up of civil justice reforms

Tony Guise considers seven key speeches in litigation and ADR

01 Apr 2022

The CJC: people’s access to justice?

Tony Guise reports on the recent CJC day conference

28 Feb 2022

The Pre-Action Protocols: hard pruning!

Tony Guise considers the complications of changing Civil Procecure Rules’ Pre-Action Protocols

31 Jan 2022

Compulsory ADR – a cultural shift in civil litigation?

Paula Kumar considers the creation of a ‘compulsory’ element to ADR

04 Jan 2022

ADR: Can it really be compulsory?

Andrew Howell examines whether litigants will be compelled to participate in ADR

04 Jan 2022

MoJ calling?

Tony Guise explores the MoJ’s Call for Evidence on ADR

04 Jan 2022

Financial remedy arbitrations – now a very appealing prospect?

Matthew Brunsdon Tully considers the appellate routes from arbitration

03 Jan 2022

A portal for SME claims – what’s that all about?

Tony Guise considers the possibility of a Portal for SME debt claims

02 Dec 2021

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