Practice Notes: Agricultural

Property Focus | Agriculture Update

Simon Blackburn takes a look at Entrepreneurs Relief in a farming context and provides an update on

13 Dec 2012

Bindmans claims credit for badger cull delay

Letter before action served on Natural England at end of las

24 Oct 2012

Council wins rights of way battle with off-roaders

Trail Riders' Fellowship failed to supply correct maps wit

03 Oct 2012

Update | Agriculture: easements and plant protection

Simon Blackburn discusses the latest agricultural case law with an account by ?Fiona Ashworth on

18 Sep 2012

Mandatory membership of local hunt breaches property rights

Property owners opposed to hunting should not be forced to allow it on thei

28 Jun 2012

Agriculture update

Michael Aubrey discusses an unusual Scottish case ?that may have implications for lawyers and

06 Jun 2012

Defra's consultation on reforming section 2(2) of the Animals Act is unnecessary

The organisation wants to ensure owners are sufficiently protected, but recent cases ?reveal that

21 May 2012

Agriculture update: rights of way, ramblers and landowners

Landowners who wish to ensure visitors to the countryside stay on existing ?public rights of way

15 May 2012

Estate planning update

Susi Dunn considers agricultural property relief from inheritance tax, the costs risks involved in

23 Apr 2012

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