Practice Notes: Agricultural

Proprietary estoppel is experiencing something of a revival

David Kirwan ponders the reasons behind a recent increase in proprietary estoppe

26 May 2015

Supreme Court judgment overturns village green status of beach

Ruling will support positive developments of land held by public or statutory bodies for statutor

02 Mar 2015

Right of way

Hannah Taylor advises on preventing claims for town village greens and public rights o

13 Jan 2015

Agricultural update

Alex Robinson advises on the EU’s reform of the Common Agricultura

15 Sep 2014

Agriculture update

Helen Gough considers how horses and their various functions are treated under current plannin

09 May 2014

Agriculture update

It is important that the system for registering a town and village green is available for right and

28 Jan 2014

Update | Agriculture: chancel repair liability, water extraction licences and rent for agricultural holdings

Simon Blackburn examines chancel repair liability, water extraction licences and rent for

10 May 2013

Commission backs conservation covenants to protect wildlife and heritage

Existing methods 'complex and costly' and lead to 'piecemea

28 Mar 2013

Update | Agriculture: Shirt v Shirt, taxing mineral wealth

is a reminder of the importance of 
written agreements in family farming partnership

25 Jan 2013

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