Practice Notes

Bladed articles and offensive absolutism

Cathál MacPartholán provides a brief review of new laws on offensive weapons in private places

27 Sep 2022

Strength in numbers: collective action

Georgina Hollis and Amar Chauhan consider how to find clients in group litigation

27 Sep 2022

Practising certificate fee set to increase

The Law Society has supported the move

26 Aug 2022

Backlog in the Family Court

Anthony Kiernan considers delays to family justice

24 Aug 2022

Singapore Convention Week and UNCITRAL Academy 2022: The importance of cross-border dispute resolution in the current geopolitical climate

International trade is worth over £1 trillion annually to the UK economy[1] – close to half of th

23 Aug 2022

Barristers vote to continue strike action indefinitely

There was an upswing in particpation in the latest ballot

22 Aug 2022

One step beyond: loss of profits and wasted expenditure

Rowan Turrall evaluates why the Court of Appeal found “loss of profits” exclusion did not exclude liability for wasted expenditure

21 Aug 2022

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