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Court of Appeal upholds Perdoni judgment

The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court’s decision in the battle for a share of Italian businessman Piero Curati’s £4m fortune.

1 November 2012

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The ruling means that the restaurant tycoon’s niece and nephew retain their £1.8m inheritance, despite a challenge from their elderly aunt, who had argued that the will under which the gift was made was invalid.

Piero Curati made two wills: one in 1980 in England, where he lived; and a second in 1994 in Italy, the country of his birth. Under the terms of the earlier will, Curati’s niece and nephew, Sylvana and Roberto Perdoni, inherited all of his wealth in England, valued at around £1.8m after tax.

However, Curati’s sister, Carmen, argued that the later Italian will revoked the earlier version, meaning that she would inherit all of her brother’s global assets.

Mr Justice Sales, sitting at the High Court in December 2011, ruled that UK law applied, meaning that Sylvana and Roberto Perdoni would inherit their share. This decision was upheld yesterday (31 October 2012) by the Court of Appeal.

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