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SRA publishes streamlined draft code of conduct

1 June 2010

The SRA has published a new streamlined draft code of conduct based on ‘outcome-focused’ regulation and with only 46 pages, compared to its predecessor which had over 300.

The code incorporates ten basic principles, and is designed to come into force at the same time as the first ABS firms receive their licences – on 6 October 2011.

Charles Plant, chairman of the SRA, said there would be no reduction in standards.

“We are transforming the way solicitors and their firms are regulated for the benefit of consumers,” he said.

“A simplified rulebook and freedom to practise innovatively will be good for clients and solicitors’ firms alike as it will provide the flexibility needed to do new and better things.

“The SRA’s enforcement of the new system will be targeted and risk-based. Firms which are willing to work with us to deliver good legal services to clients will benefit from greater flexibility. However, firms who are unwilling or unable to engage with us to deliver good outcomes will face tough sanctions.”

A more detailed draft handbook, containing accounts, disciplinary procedure and specialist rules, is also available for solicitors to comment on. Further guidance, in the form of "non-mandatory indicative behaviours", will also be issued.

The SRA has launched a series of roadshows, starting in London, to publicise the draft code and handbook.

The consultation ends on 20 August 2010.

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