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Suicide doctor bailed again

24 November 2009

Police have extended by a further three weeks the bail of a doctor arrested for funding a patient’s trip to Dignitas, Solicitors Journal has learned.

Dr Irwin, a retired GP, was arrested in July for paying for Raymond Cutkelvin to fly to Switzerland. He was released on bail, which expired on 23 September and was extended to 17 November.

Last Friday Dr Irwin was contacted by Haringey CID who told him there was no need for him to report on Tuesday as scheduled and that his bail had been extended until Christmas.

Mr Cutkelvin’s partner, Alan Rees, also arrested this summer, had his bail extended until early January.

Mr Rees’ solicitor, Matt Foot, sent a letter to the police asking for explanation as to why his client had not had a final decision about whether he would be charged or not.

“It is over two months since the new guidelines have been published and we have not been given any reason why the CPS has not come to a decision,” he told Solicitors Journal.

Dr Irwin believes the new guidelines make it more likely that individuals who have provided material assistance were more likely to be prosecuted under the new guidelines and that the position need to be clarified.

He said there was a possibility the cases could be “quietly dropped”, which would create a two-tier situation between people who could afford to travel abroad and those who couldn’t.

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