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Midlands firm adds to will-writing plea

Solicitors asks government to listen to the Legal Services Board

12 September 2013

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Thomas Guise Solicitors is urging the government to restrict will-writing to legal professionals. The firm has noticed an increase in witnessed wills written by non-lawyers that are unable to stand up to legal scrutiny.

Director Philip Guise said: "Making a will is far from simple - it requires in-depth knowledge of the law, backed by years of training. Choosing a will writer can be a gamble as they may only have taken a few courses, which is simply not enough.

"Protecting consumers needs to sit at the heart of this review and we believe the government should see that people need to be able to trust their will won't fail their loved ones at a time that is painful enough already."

The firm is recommending that will-writing services is a reserved, not just a regulated, activity. It also asks for the government to take notice of key industry voices, such as the Legal Services Board.

Guise added: "Regulating will writing simply doesn't go far enough - it requires only a degree of knowledge and basic insurance cover for negligence, not the expertise and protection we believe is necessary."

The call came at the close of a government-commissioned consultation asking for opinion on how legal services legislation can be improved. 

Last month, Ken McRae, a solicitor in Whitchurch, Shropshire, started an e-petition calling on the government to reverse its decision not to regulate will writing.

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