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Behavioural Drivers

What is it that drives an individual to share? Recognition, attention and reciprocation of emotion are enough reasons for people to share and survive social interactions in their personal lives, but how does human nature react in the simulated environment of daily work? In the final article of this series, Kirstie Chapple and Professor Amin Rajan explore the behavioural drivers some companies are using to inspire employees to part with their knowledge.

Prefunded long term care insurance

To begin with long term care insurance is a concept rather than a specific product. It can most easily be defined as a financial solution to help meet the cost of prolonged non acute nursing needed in the event of a chronic disability.

The honeymoon is (almost) over

Jane always knew that being Managing Partner would not be an easy role to fulfil. The roller coaster exhilaration of the first 100 day had been both exhausting and exciting. She had now spoken to all the partners and a cross section of staff, and with only one or two exceptions, they had all expressed a mixture of relief and enthusiasm about her appointment. Whilst she welcomed the support, she also sensed that behind the words a degree of concern also existed. Her instincts suggested to her that they might be questioning whether she could deliver, would she be able to make some real and sustainable changes to the firms strategy and overall management?

Taxation within the administration of an estate Liability and Protection

As if personal representatives did not have enough to worry about in the general administration of their estate, eg legatees demanding immediate payment of monies due to them, creditors of the estate wanting their money likewise, problems disposing of assets at the best price and possible questions arising from the interpretation of a will, personal representatives have also got to bear in mind the three main taxes and how they impact upon them during the administration of an estate

The first 100 days.

I have every faith in your abilities Jane, I know you can sort this firm out. Those infamous words of encouragement from John Parsons (57), the firms Senior Partner, were uttered just before Christmas, 1999. They had echoed continually around Jane Allens (39) head every since. Prior to her appointment as the new Managing Partner of Graysons and Hanrahan (incorporating Parsons and Jones) from the 1st January, 2000, she also had confidence in her ability to sort this newly merged firm out. Now, she felt much less clear. By Tom Kennie & If Price.

Knowledge Management. Implementing knowledge management lessons learned.

Knowledge management is truly a multi disciplinary venture, requiring expertise in strategy development, business process design, change management or people issues, as well as technology expertise, the need for each of these four areas, which is becoming common wisdom in the marketplace, provides a framework for this article. A knowledge management solution needs to be linked to and support a firms strategic objectives as well as have its own strategic objectives. It must support key business processes as well as have its own clearly defined knowledge processes for facilitating the creation, acquisition, synthesis, sharing, and use of information, insights, and information. By Bill Ives and Adam Gersting.


Legal, Financial and Political Developments Affecting the Elderly Withdrawal of medical treatment