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British Medical Association launches ABS law firm for doctors

Capital Law partner at heart of ground-breaking 'one-stop shop' legal initiative

13 November 2015

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The British Medical Association (BMA) has launched a new legal service to look after the needs of over 160,000 doctors and medical students after being granted alternative business structure (ABS) status.

Viv Du-Feu, a partner at Cardiff-based commercial law firm, Capital Law, and director of legal services at the new BMA helped design and develop the new service.

'BMA Law is made up of a team of lawyers who specifically serve the often unique needs of doctors. The aim of BMA Law is to create a "one-stop shop" for our members. We believe that we are best placed to help with the provision of legal services.

'We are at the coalface of member issues and therefore understand the concerns facing those operating in the medical profession, feeding back into the political sphere as required.'

BMA Law will operate on a not-for-profit basis and reinvest any surpluses back into the association, which in turn provides services for doctors.

'The BMA acts as the voice of doctors at a time when the medical profession faces perhaps the greatest challenges in its history, as it strives to deliver world class standards in patient care whilst operating busy wards and surgeries under testing budgets and working conditions,' said Capital Law partner Andrew Brown, a specialist in commercial disputes.

'In working with BMA Law, we help ensure that the voice of doctors is heard and acted upon with real results,' he added.

Brown explained there had been an increase cases brought against health boards and NHS trusts of late and 'particularly where they cut corners when reaching decisions which have a material impact on patients and the working lives of those caring for them'.

Matthew Rogers is an editorial assistant at Solicitors Journal

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