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Legal aid protests as government prepares to unveil bill

3 June 2011

There were protests across the country today during the 'Justice for All' day of action, as the government prepared to unveil a legal aid bill containing what many expect to be drastic cuts.

Jane Backhurst, spokeswoman for Justice for All, said over 200 people protested outside the Supreme Court on Friday lunchtime, including the 'Sound Off for Justice' gospel choir and members of the Women’s Institute.

Backhurst said the involvement of the WI would help “bring the campaign home”.

She went on: “People are starting to realise that justice is for everybody. I think this will help remind the government that we are an ever-growing coalition.

“This is just the beginning. We need to explain over and over again why legal aid is so vital for people across the UK.”

Andy Slaughter, shadow justice minister, spoke to the crowd outside the Supreme Court, along with Steve Hynes, director of the Legal Action Group, Margy Butler from the Mary Ward legal centre and Shani Fancett, area director of Citizens Advice.

Other day of action events included silent gagged marches in Birmingham and Gloucester, a seafront march in Hastings, petition signing in Sheffield, Tunbridge Wells and Newcastle, and a procession in Coventry led by a Lady Godiva.

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