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Making an E.P.A is easy or is it?

It seems such a harmless document, a doublesided A4 sheet, with easy gaps to fill in, for the Donor to sign and to be put away in a strong room. Never has such a harmless looking piece of paper had a time bomb ticking away on it. It is necessary for every practitioner, not just those dealing with the elderly, to be aware of the dos, dont and dangers. It is so easy to be distracted, in a rush, eager to please the client, delegate the task to a junior member of staff, but at all times we must remember we are consulted for advice and guidance, not just to fill in a form. The aim of this article is to provide a checklist of steps to be taken when obtaining instructions and preparing Enduring Powers of Attorney and some practical tips.

The first 100 days. A case study

I have every faith in your abilities Jane, I know you can sort this firm out. Those infamous words of encouragement from John Parsons (57), the firms Senior Partner, were uttered just before Christmas, 1999. They had echoed continually around Jane Allens (39) head every since. By Tom Kennie and If Price.

Direct payments: friend or foe?

Following the recent White Paper, Modernising Social Services, the Government has announced its intention to make Direct Payments available to disabled people over 65 as well as, as at present, to those under that age. While no indication is given as to timescale, there is every indication that the change will be made fairly soon as it will not require primary legislation. It is therefore timely to consider what Direct Payments are and their implications for older people in the future.