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Small perks improve staff morale and retention

Survey finds free snacks and good coffee make staff feel more valued

26 June 2014

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By Manju Manglani, Editor (@ManjuManglani)

The provision of small perks in the office plays an important role in improving employee morale, talent retention and staff motivation.

That's according to a survey of 2,500 UK workers from across five sectors, including the legal sector.

It found that one in ten workers across all sectors do not feel valued at all by their employer and that those in the legal sector feel the least valued by their employer.

However, nearly nine in ten (87 per cent) said that small perks such as fresh fruit, snacks and high quality coffee are important in retaining good staff.

"Our research shows how important small acts of appreciation are to helping employees feel valued," said Ian McDonald, B2B manager for Nespresso UK & Ireland, which commissioned the research by ComRes.

"Soft benefits are often underestimated by employers, but the results show that they make a significant impact on improving staff engagement, morale and company growth."

The provision of high quality coffee (70 per cent) ranks highly among UK workers across the five sectors surveyed, second only to ergonomic office equipment (81 per cent) in terms of the perks most likely to help workers feel valued by their employer to at least some extent.

The research also found that encouraging staff to take small breaks throughout the day helps to lead to business success.

Two in five respondents said they had a creative idea (41 per cent) or solved a difficult problem (36 per cent) during a break.

Three in ten (28 per cent) said they made an important business decision during a break.

The findings are based on interviews with 2,500 UK workers split evenly across five sectors: legal; finance; technology/IT; creative/communications; and human resources.

In terms of seniority, respondents are almost evenly split between junior/middle management, senior management and non-management positions.

Half of respondents are from firms with more than 250 employees, 17 per cent come from businesses with 50 to 249 staff members and 16 per cent are from firms with 10 to 49 employees.



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