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Children are the main casualties in divorce, poll shows

More than 81 per cent of British adults agree that “children are usually the main casualties in divorces”, an online poll of just over 2,000 people for Resolution has shown.

24 September 2012

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A similar majority, 86 per cent, said they knew someone close to them who had been divorced and more than half said that person was a member of their family.

Almost half of those who took part in the survey, 45 per cent, said they thought most involved going to court.

A slightly smaller amount, 40 per cent, said they believed ‘divorces can never be without conflict’, a figure that rises to 47 per cent among those who are themselves divorced.

However, just over half of respondents said they would prioritise making a divorce conflict-free.

The survey was carried out to mark family dispute resolution week, designed to make the public more aware of non-court solutions. It will end in Resolution’s annual dispute resolution conference in Oxford this weekend.

As part of the week, Resolution is launching a new advice guide, ‘Separating together: your options for separation and divorce,’ designed to help couples understand and explore non court-based methods of resolving issues arising on the breakdown of a relationship.

Jo Edwards, Vice Chair of Resolution, said: “These findings highlight how people have good intentions to prioritise the well-being of children and to avoid conflict during separation, but this can often be derailed by a lack of knowledge of non-court based options and an exposure to the adversarial nature of courts.

“Something is going very wrong, and often the result is emotionally and financially drained parents and deeply-distressed children.”

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