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Professor Charles Chatterjee

Professor Charles Chatterjee

Senior Research Fellow, Global Policy Institute

Professor Charles Chatterjee who studied law at the University of Cambridge and the University of London is a Barrister in England and Wales and has also acted as an arbitrator. A commercial law specialist (international) with special interest and knowledge in international organisations and their functions in addition to court experience in law as a practising barrister in England and Wales. A consultant to international organisations and private corporations in addition to conducting capacity building training programmes in various countries. Articles in IICJ: “Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: How Effective is Article V of the New York Convention of 1958?” International In-house Counsel Journal Vol. 9, No. 36, Summer (2016), 1 “Decisions of ICSID Tribunals on Procedural Issues may not be Confused with their Awards” International In-house Counsel Journal Vol. 10, No 37, (2016) “CAPE DISTRIBUTION LTD v CAPE INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS PLC How a Parent Company May be Held Liable in Torts for the Negligence of its Subsidiaries”, International In-house Counsel Journal Vol.11, No. 42, (2018)