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Bob Murray

Bob Murray

Principal, Fortinberry Murray

Dr Bob Murray is an internationally recognized expert in strategy, leadership, influencing, human motivation and behavioural change. Using the latest research in human science, and his considerable experience as a consultant and teacher, Dr Bob helps organizations to better market their services, lead their people, improve their productivity and increase their firm-wide resilience. He is an in-demand keynote speaker for organisations throughout the world. Dr Bob has worked with government departments, major corporations and professional service firms in Australia, the US, the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. He has worked with universities in the US and Australia as a guest lecturer and advisor on business and academic projects. With his colleague Dr Alicia Fortinberry, Dr Bob won the American Science Achievement Award and was appointed to head the Obama Administration’s comprehensive national work stress initiative. Dr Bob is a NY Times best-selling author, and he also writes for a professional audience. His most recent books (with Dr Alicia Fortinberry), include The Human Science of Strategy: what works and what doesn’t, and, Leading the Future: The Human Science of law firm leadership and strategy. These translate insights from the latest research and the pair’s considerable experience into new and often startling concepts and clear, practical actions that drive organisational success. Bob, with Alicia, devised and is currently delivering the College of Law’s “Leading and managing People” section of their Master of Legal Business course. Bob’s weekly newsletter, Today’s Research, offers an engaging digest of the latest important findings that apply to leadership, wellness, psychology and social trends. “TR,” as the newsletter is often called, has a global readership of leaders in industry and academia. Dr Bob’s main interest is in showing leaders how a knowledge of human “design specs”—how we are motivated, influenced, and lead—can help them have a more productive, engaged and happier workforce. He is no ivory tower academic. His talks and workshops are very practical, highly interactive, entertaining and fun. Dr Bob received his Masters degrees (MA and MBA) from Sydney University and his PhD from NYU.