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Des Collins

Des Collins

Senior Partner, Collins Solicitors

Des Collins is founder and Senior Partner of Collins Solicitors. Since qualifying in 1975, Des has earned a reputation as the UK’s Erin Brokovich, helping victims of tragedy and disaster to press their rights for recognition, justice and compensation. He supported rail crash victims during the Public Inquiries which followed the Southall and Paddington disasters; he advised over 200 families in the litigation that followed the fire and explosion at Buncefield Oil Terminal; he led a landmark negligence claim against Corby County Council on behalf of children who had suffered birth defected due to their mother’s exposure to toxic waste during the demolition of the Corby steelworks and, most recently, Des is known for championing the plight of infected blood victims in what has been called the worst treatment scandal in the history of the NHS, representing over 1500 victims and their families in the Infected Blood Public Inquiry and GLO proceedings. Des was voted Legal Personality of the Year at the Law Society Awards in 2010; Claimant Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year in the Personal Injury Awards 2010 and was in The Lawyer’s Hot 100 in 2011 and 2019.