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Dr Seema Patel

Dr Seema Patel

Associate Professor in Law, Nottingham Law School

Dr Seema Patel is Associate Professor in Sports Law at Nottingham Trent University, England, UK. Seema has a PhD in sports law, specifically discrimination and the regulatory balance between inclusion and exclusion in competitive sport. She is an international expert on gender discrimination in sport, and has offered extensive media commentary on the legal implications of gender eligibility rules. Her academic publications examine regulatory gaps in the protection of athletes’ human rights in sport. Seema has contributed to sport gender policy and government consultation on inclusion and participation in sport. She offers guidance on equality, diversity and inclusion matters to sport organisations and clubs. Seema is a member of the Cricket Disciplinary Commission (CDC) and acted as a judge in the case of ECB v YCCC & Others 2023. Her recent work explores the lived experiences of marginalised groups in sport and the role of the law in overcoming barriers to participation.