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Nigel Cayless

Nigel Cayless

Senior counsel, Sackers

My experience includes working on teams advising the trustees and employers of occupational pension schemes on a wide range of pension related matters. I have extensive experience of dealing with schemes making changes for the future, be this closing to new members or future accrual or providing benefits in a different form such as DC or CARE. In addition, I regularly advise trustees of schemes with distressed employers on issues such as employer covenant, apportionment of employer debts and dealings with The Pensions Regulator, the Pension Protection Fund and other stakeholders such as banks and creditors. I also have considerable experience advising trustees and the sponsoring employers of DC schemes and have recently advised on a number of transfers to DC master trusts. I regularly advise trustees in relation to risk transfer projects with a particular focus on smaller schemes and have been involved in a number of such projects over the past year which were successfully completed on tight timescales. I have sat on a number of member-nominated trustee selection panels and have experience of guiding trustees through such processes. In addition, I also have experience of advising trustee clients on a wide range of governance issues including changes of pensions administrator and preparation for TPR’s General Code.