Winding up and Re Greyhound Electromechanical Limited [2021] JRC 249

Eleanor Davies considers the situation where shares are gone upon winding up

03 Jan 2022

Data transfers and the ICO consultation

James Castro-Edwards considers the recent ICO consultation on post-Brexit data protection laws and GDPR

03 Jan 2022

Lloyd v Google [2021] UKSC 50: A landmark Supreme Court judgment

Caroline Harbord and Nick Owen consider the new precedent on data law

19 Dec 2021

Litigation Handbook: Practice and Procedure in the Business and Property Courts

Jeff Lewis reviews ‘Litigation Handbook: Practice and Procedure in the Business and Property Courts’ by Adam Chaffer

07 Dec 2021

A portal for SME claims – what’s that all about?

Tony Guise considers the possibility of a Portal for SME debt claims

02 Dec 2021

Best of intentions? New Year’s resolutions for lawyers

David Pickup reflects on enduring professional principles for another year in practice

02 Dec 2021

Firms’ online presence: Is bigger better?

Alastair Murray considers how firms can optimise online operations

02 Dec 2021

Patisserie Valerie – and fraud prevention measures

Marcus Jones considers the case study of Patisserie Valerie

02 Dec 2021

Capital gains tax (CGT): Spouse exemption and timing

Alison Palmer explores CGT and the timing of transactions for separating couples.

02 Dec 2021

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