Counting on it? 10 years of the Bribery Act 2010

A decade on, Kathleen Harris evaluates the efficacy of the Bribery Act 2010

02 Aug 2021

A firm way forward? The rules on barristers' incorporation

Matthew Burge and Paul Ashton explore the rules on barristers in business

02 Aug 2021

Client focus: human skills are at the heart of value

Nicola Jones offers insight into the meaning of ‘value’ in post-pandemic practice

18 Jul 2021

Setting boundaries between work and home

Mary B. Jackson reminds us of the importance of maintaining balance when working from home 

16 Jul 2021

Family Court quarterly statistics: a call for alternatives to courts

Alice Scambler considers what options are open to those seeking an alternative to family courts

16 Jul 2021

Court-led dispute resolution: an insider's thoughts on a change of direction

Fiona Wilson explains the distinct advantages of judicial powers under part 3 of the Family

16 Jul 2021

Ewing Law: the power of private practice in crime?

Tony Wyatt sets out the attributes and approaches of Ewing Law, a criminal firm serving private

13 Jul 2021

Wellbeing: acknowledging our own need to change is the biggest lesson

Helen Hamilton-Shaw explains the hidden benefits of using neuroscience in our daily working

13 Jul 2021

Legal tech: linked in to real life?

James Matthews offers a practical perspective on the use of legal tech in client retention

09 Jul 2021

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