Let’s be realistic.

David Hodson OBE asks if it’s time for a John Cornwell-style code of practice for lawyers’ wellbeing in family justice

01 Sep 2019

Launching into the unknown

Once described as a sensible rebel, Sarah Schütte explains why she decided to put this into action and set up her own specialist law firm

01 Aug 2019

Give diversity a voice

More women should be taking centre stage at flagship events, argues Dana Denis-Smith

01 Aug 2019

Shaping the future

Kayleigh Leonie challenges junior solicitors to get involved in the law society and play a direct role in shaping the future of their profession

01 Aug 2019


No-fault divorces will sap the foundations of the traditional meaning of marriage, argues Charles Chatterjee

01 Aug 2019

Why the legal aid disruptors are worth their weight in gold

The #TakeYourMPToWork campaign has attracted a positive response from MPs willing to observe first-hand why comprehensive legal advice is so vital, says Da

01 Jun 2019

The Big Four: a bigger threat to law firms than technology

Law firms like to have something to worry about, but I’m increasingly beginning to wonder if the focus on technology, artificial intelligence (AI) an

01 Jun 2019

A sticking plaster approach: Civil Liability Act reforms trivialise the injured

Government has allowed itself to be duped by the powerful insurance lobby and set its sights on the injured and vulnerable, the easier option says Qamar An

01 Jun 2019

Lost in translation: securing interpreters in family proceedings

Legally aided parties should arrange interpretation themselves to avoid the costs and delays often incurred by last minute cancellation, suggests district

01 May 2019

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