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Hooking up

Forget catching sharks, how do we reel in more clients? Russell Conway shares hi

05 Sep 2011

Thornhill defends magistrates' riot sentencing

John Thornhill, chairman of the Magistrates Association, has denied claims by the Prison Governors

30 Aug 2011

Fraudulent will writer jailed

A fraudulent will writer has been jailed for 14 months. Walter Ventriglia, who pleaded guilty to

26 Aug 2011

Law firms are struggling to choose between Hong Kong and Singapore

By Robert Sawhney, Managing Director, SR

24 Aug 2011

Editor's Letter: Back to work

The summer's over and there's no getting away from the work that is needed to improve

24 Aug 2011

Is firm culture a recipe for success or an excuse for failure?

By Julious P. Smith Jr, Chairman Emeritus, William

24 Aug 2011

Law firm planning: mysteries of the unknown

By Thomas Berman, Principal, Berman &

24 Aug 2011

Focus on branding to stand out from the crowd

By Beverly Landais, Chief Executive Officer, Devereu

24 Aug 2011

What lawyers might think about working mothers but would never say

By Kate Buller, Founding Partner, Executiv

24 Aug 2011

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