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Peter Coonan loses conviction review

Peter Coonan has lost his appeal against the 1981 ruling that sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murders of 1

14 Jan 2011

Lawyers bid to raise pro bono momentum

A new campaign has been launched to encourage law firms to give cash sitting dormant in client accounts to the Access to Justic

13 Jan 2011

Government abolishes default retirement age

Ignoring pleas from employers, the government has confirmed that the default retirement age (DRA) will be consigned to history from October thi

13 Jan 2011

UK law makes 'wrongdoer judge in its own cause', says Mosley's counsel

Max Mosley's counsel has dismissed claims that his argument in favour of the introduction of a pre-notification requirement in privacy cases was a “seducti

12 Jan 2011

O’Reilly wins on age but not sex

Former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly successfully argued at an employment tribunal yesterday that she was a victim of age discrimination by the BBC

12 Jan 2011

Commission paves way for prenup law

Prenups protecting assets acquired before marriage could become law under proposals unveiled in a consultation launched by the Law Commission today

11 Jan 2011

'Employer's charter' to protect firms from claims

The prime minister, David Cameron, is to launch an overhaul of employment law to give employers more protection from claims b

10 Jan 2011

What the Hec?

Catherine Burtinshaw joins th

10 Jan 2011

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