The life and times of a northern soul

In a world where London firms still predominate and where regional firms are beginning to look like they’re offshoots of a London business, Cobbetts is mak

10 Jul 2003

Moving on

How has the treatment of gypsies and travellers in the UK progressed since the the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force? asks Davi

04 Jul 2003

Dealing with India? Swap remote control for total control

With a population of over one billion, 3.29 million square kilometres of landmass to cover, several climates, a multitude of languages and customs, the Ind

21 Mar 2002

Maximising the benefits - making law firm client relationship management work

Although few law firms deny that CRM is beneficial, creating an institutionalized firm-wide CRM culture is the real challenge facing today’s lawyers. Inter

06 Feb 2002

Leadership and Management

For over 33 years I have been involved with professional services businesses in one way or another. Writes Christopher Honeyman Brown.My experience of lead

01 Mar 2000

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