At your request

English courts take care over ‘letters of request’ for potential witnesses by foreign courts. Paul Friedman and Helen Rowlands discuss Daric Smith v Philli

14 Jul 2006

Experts at risk

Richard Barr reflects on the impact of the MMR and Meado

14 Jul 2006

Family case briefing

The court in K v K has adopted a welcome, modern approach to the impact of cohabitation on a husband’s liability to maintain his ex-wife, says Jan

14 Jul 2006

Product liability after the ECJ's 'faulty vaccine' ruling

Hugh Preston discusses the effect of the ECJ ‘faulty vaccine’ ruling on the protection of claimants from the ten-year long-stop for claims under the Consum

07 Jul 2006

At what cost?

Does the predictable costs regime fulfil its objective of reducing costs? Elliot Gol

07 Jul 2006

Head case

It may not be prudent to go without a bicycle helmet, but this does not automatically lead to contributory negligence, says Victori

07 Jul 2006

Taxation update

Carol Mead discusses offshore bank accounts, tax credits filing deadline, employee car ownership schemes, state pension reform, complex personal tax return

07 Jul 2006

Cost control

Cost orders against third parties are becoming more widely available, as Daniel Kid

30 Jun 2006

Battle green

The House of Lords has reversed the Court of Appeal ruling in the Oxfordshire CC v Oxford City Council village green case. Charles Mynors discusses th

30 Jun 2006

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