Everybody in the house? In-house counsel and future practice

Anthony Nagle and Andrew Woolsey explore the modern role of in-house counsel

03 Jan 2022

Financial remedy arbitrations – now a very appealing prospect?

Matthew Brunsdon Tully considers the appellate routes from arbitration

03 Jan 2022

Hidden hate? Hate crime and NCHIs

Cathál MacPartholán considers non-crime hate incidents (NCHIs)

02 Dec 2021

Stress and the city: Solicitors, stress, and your health

Judi Rhule examines the effects of stress on the legal profession

02 Dec 2021

In principle? The principles behind principles

Susan Humble sums up what you need to know on the latest in solicitors’ regulation and compliance

02 Dec 2021

SFO v Petrofac: A new approach from the SFO?

David Stern and Rebecca Thomas analyse the Petrofac decision on bribery

02 Dec 2021

The SFO and O2 investigation

Gary Pons analyses the SFO’s investigation into O2

02 Dec 2021

Part of the fold? CILEX lawyers and ‘belonging’

Professor Chris Bones comments that the legal sector must work harder to support CILEX lawyers and those from non-traditional backgrounds

02 Dec 2021

Rights and attachment, trauma & neurodevelopment wrongs

Dr Josh Carritt-Baker contemplates human rights violations and professional negligence

05 Nov 2021



Keeping the wheels of justice turning

July's Foreword

13 Jul 2022

The Tech-Files

June's foreword

25 May 2022

Spring forward…

Chaynee Hodgetts writes this month's Foreword...

27 Apr 2022

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