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Behind bars: Moving from red to Brown

There is a terrific section in Doris Lessing’s Golden Notebook about old lefties and Stalin. Written in the ‘50s, it is a relentlessly brilliant novel abou

13 Jul 2007

Surviving marketing

Originally from Legal Marketing magazine vol 1 Issue 6: If the number of recruitment ads posted every day from the likes of PSMG and PM Forum are anything

07 Mar 2007

New legal aid contracts: welcome to the sausage factory?

Legal aid lawyers warned today that the new Standard Terms for the new Unified Contracts released by the Legal Services Commission on Monday (26 February)

28 Feb 2007

How should environmental protection law be enforced?

The European Commission's draft directive last week proposing to criminalise breaches of environmental protection law has been received with scepticism by

09 Feb 2007

Cindy Barnett

The Magistrates Association chairman shares her thoughts on a more efficient criminal justice system and communit

09 Feb 2007

Should Sexual Orientation Regulations include religious exemptions?

Catholic adoption agencies last night (29 January) appeared to have failed in their attempt to secure an exemption from the new Sexual Orientation Regulati

25 Jan 2007

Geoffrey Vos QC

The chairman of the Bar Council talks about encouraging new entrants into th

19 Jan 2007

Stephen Friday

The Chairman of the Black Solicitors Network talks about ploughing success back in the community – working with minorities is only on

01 Dec 2006

Thought leader: By Michael Roch, Edge International

Originally From FD Legal magazine vol 1 Issue 1: Welcome to the first edition of FD Legal. The genesis of this publication is highly timely. Law firm profi

29 Nov 2006

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