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Star quality: keeping talented lawyers motivated — and contained

Love them or hate them, rainmakers are what makes most firms tick, but in addition to support, they need to be controlled, says Alici

01 Mar 2019

Grave matters

No, Richard Barr will not use a WHSmith will form even if his 80-year-old client finds i

01 Mar 2019

Partnership model and billable hours hinder lawtech adoption

Greater awareness of the potential of lawtech not matched by rate of adoption among la

17 Feb 2019

GCs in diversity warning to law firms

In-house lawyers wave buying-power stick in push to increase diversity and inclusion in la

07 Feb 2019

Trauma room: dealing with the personal impact of abuse cases

Lawyers dealing with traumatic cases can be vulnerable to secondary stress, a psychological disorder that any responsible law firm should take seriously, s

02 Feb 2019

Price of success: the hidden costs of financial dispute resolution hearings

FDRs were going to make divorce proceedings fairer and faster but instead they have led to mechanical lawyering; divorce lawyers must now offer better solu

02 Feb 2019

Charitable gifts in wills: should solicitors be ‘making the ask’?

There are many reasons why private client solicitors should not be afraid of asking clients whether they would like to leave a legacy in their wills, says

02 Feb 2019

Seeing through price transparency

Canny conveyancers have long understood the benefits of price transparency, argues Paul Hajek; it’s just a shame the regulators still don’t see how informe

02 Feb 2019

Thoroughly modern disclosure

A new pilot scheme intends to bring about a change in attitude to disclosure but its success will require commitment from all concerned, says Francesc

01 Feb 2019

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