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The Pre-Action Protocols: hard pruning!

Tony Guise considers the complications of changing Civil Procecure Rules’ Pre-Action Protocols

31 Jan 2022

MoJ calling?

Tony Guise explores the MoJ’s Call for Evidence on ADR

04 Jan 2022

A portal for SME claims – what's that all about?

Tony Guise considers the possibility of a Portal for SME debt claims

02 Dec 2021

Compulsory ADR – what's it all about?

Tony Guise considers the implications of compulsory ADR

05 Nov 2021

Judicial Review and Courts Bill: third time lucky for Online Procedure Rules?

Tony Guise critically considers the effect of the Judicial Review and Courts Bill on procedure rules

02 Oct 2021

All roads lead to Spaghetti Junction: CIArb Seminar

Tony Guise reports on the recent in person CIArb London Branch seminar

02 Aug 2021

Civil procedure revolution: time for the guillotine?

The digital integration of ADR is going shape the future of civil justice, says Tony Guise  

21 Jun 2021

Decoding the relationship between formal and informal justice

Tony Guise wonders how likely it is that Sir Geoffrey Vos' ambitious plans will come to fruition

28 Apr 2021

Compulsory ADR: What's it all about?

Tony Guise explores how ADR is utilised in civil justice and its potential compulsory use

22 Mar 2021

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