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The civil justice reform train: on track near you

Tony Guise attends the latest civil justice reform event

01 Mar 2023

Revelations from the Civil Justice Council National Forum

Tony Guise shares the latest insights in civil justice from the CJC National Forum

17 Dec 2022

Book review: ‘The Legal Extortion Racket’

Tony Guise provides a review of ‘the autobiography of an idea’*

14 Dec 2022

The Paper Determinations Pilot

Tony Guise considers the latest civil justice reform

28 Nov 2022

Compulsory mediation for small claims: upper or downer?

Tony Guise considers the merits of mandatory mediation

20 Oct 2022

Costs budgeting: anyone for Marmite?

Tony Guise reports from the Civil Justice Council’s costs conference

09 Oct 2022

The times they are a'changing: civil procedure reform

Tony Guise considers the effects of the Judicial Review and Courts Act 2021 on litigation

26 Jun 2022

Seven speeches: a round-up of civil justice reforms

Tony Guise considers seven key speeches in litigation and ADR

01 Apr 2022

The CJC: people's access to justice?

Tony Guise reports on the recent CJC day conference

28 Feb 2022

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