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SJ interview: Simon Natas FRSA

This issue, Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Simon Natas FRSA

01 Mar 2023

What is love? Law, love, loss and life

Chaynee Hodgetts reflects on love in the February Foreword

07 Feb 2023

SJ Interview: Mairead Molloy

How can lawyers improve their wellbeing on – and off – the clock? Chaynee Hodgetts

01 Feb 2023

Hands, face, alcohol trace: hair dye, hand sanitiser and forensic tests

Chaynee Hodgetts scrutinises the risk of false positive alcohol metabolite testing results

13 Dec 2022

SJ interview: Simon Csoka KC and Marc King

Chaynee Hodgetts interviews Simon Csoka KC and Marc King of Libertas Chambers

12 Dec 2022

SJ interview: Dave Fendem

Chaynee Hodgetts talks to Dave Fendem, barrister and author of Dirty Briefs

28 Nov 2022

The not so secret barrister: Dave Fendem’s Dirty Briefs

Chaynee Hodgetts reviews the anonymous criminal defence barrister’s new book

31 Oct 2022

How the light gets in

In our November 2022 Foreword, Chaynee Hodgetts considers a new season…

25 Oct 2022

Barristers or baristas: life for junior criminal defence counsel on strike

Chaynee Hodgetts shares one story of junior criminal barristers’ uncertain future

17 Oct 2022

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