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Networking for junior lawyers: is face-to-face networking a dying art?

Jonny Hurst argues more should be done to prepare aspiring lawyers for face-to-face networking

08 Mar 2022

The importance of equipping young people with financial literacy skills

A stronger focus on financial literacy in schools is crucial for helping young professionals manage debt, budget effectively, and avoid ‘get-rich-qui

02 Aug 2021

It’s good to talk: life skills for lawyers

Jonny Hurst explores how we can help students hone their ‘talking’ skills – crucial for a career in law

14 Jul 2021

How diverse are trainee intakes?

The biggest catalyst for wholesale change has been and continues to be data, says Jonny Hurst

07 May 2021

The Virtual Law Fair

Jonny Hurst asks whether virtual law fairs are a one-hit wonder or here to stay

01 Jan 2021

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