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Lights Out

Publishing a weekly magazine is an all-consuming, relentless affair; for a small team like us, it was part of our lives, writes Jean-Yve

25 Sep 2017

Just passing through

John van der Luit-Drummond looks back at Solicitors Journal's illustrious 160-yea

25 Sep 2017

Bach Commission proposes Right to Justice Act

Scrap Legal Aid Agency and replace it with an independent body, repor

22 Sep 2017

Lord Thomas: Further court closures are ‘inevitable’

‘It’s a question of how radical are we prepared t

15 Sep 2017

Munby P updates domestic abuse practice advice

Domestic abuse ‘a scourge on our society’, say

14 Sep 2017

MP calls for employment tribunal claim limit to be extended to six months

Give judges ‘proper, simple guidance’ one exceptional circumstances, says former justic

14 Sep 2017

Half of jurors in rape cases reach guilty verdict before deliberation

Juries not necessarily offering ‘fair and impartial assessment’ of evidence, say

12 Sep 2017

No second-guessing

Timothy Collingwood considers the lessons learned from the case of Carlyle

12 Sep 2017

Conveyancers warned to stay alive to property fraud threat

Be on the lookout for ‘suspicious behaviour’, says Chancer

12 Sep 2017

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